My Life Among White Folks

Hickory dickory dock.

The Books

Volume 1
"Why do you hate white people so much? What did they ever do to you?"
Volume 2
I was a raisin in a pot of rice.
Volume 3
Back south of the Mason-Dixon, my life was in their hands...again. Or so they thought. They were wrong.
Volume 4
The first day I walked across Harvard's campus, the only thing I was looking for was the quickest way out.
Volume 5
I coulda been Condoleeza, but I was way too smart for that.
Volume 6
"How can you be friends with them?" Her body was rigid with fury, her light brown face flushed red with rage. "Them"...the white folks.

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“You want to be a lawyer?” The tip of my mother’s tongue brushed the roof of her mouth, twisting “lawyer” into “liar.” She, of exquisite enunciation, knew exactly what she was doing—washing freshly dyed jeans with the white load. Lawyers…policemen…liars…thieves. To Ma, they were all the same. Deciding to become a lawyer meant I had chosen to be a liar for hire. She couldn’t believe her baby girl had turned into One of Them.

"Singley is going to have to make a decision, and it’s going to have to be either resign the fellowship or resign the student body vice presidency. It’s one of the other. Singley can’t have her cake and eat it too. " (The Independent Florida Alligator, 31 May 1973)