My Life Among White Folks

The Books

Volume 1
"Why do you hate white people so much? What did they ever do to you?"
Volume 2
I was a raisin in a pot of rice.
Volume 3
Back south of the Mason-Dixon, my life was in their hands...again. Or so they thought. They were wrong.
Volume 4
The first day I walked across Harvard's campus, the only thing I was looking for was the quickest way out.
Volume 5
I coulda been Condoleeza, but I was way too smart for that.
Volume 6
"How can you be friends with them?" Her body was rigid with fury, her light brown face flushed red with rage. "Them"...the white folks.

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Volume 1
Southern Born and Southern Bread

When I went off to college, Mama was worried that I was too naďve. By the time I finished law school, she was worried for another reason.

“I just don’t understand why you hate white people so much,” she said to me one day. “I pray for you because I didn’t teach you to be like that. What did they ever do to you? I kept you away from them, so you wouldn’t have to deal directly with their mess. So, what do you have to be so angry about? ”

Still innocent and hopeful at 12.
(Shaw University, Raleigh, NC 1961)